Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Lincoln (2012)

If you are over 30 years of age, and British there is a very strong chance that your history of American politics is limited. Lincoln is a movie that focuses on one of America’s greatest presidents. For many the movie will be an education as much as it is a movie, but for others there is about to be a whole load of head scratching.

Daniel Day Lewis is absolutely fantastic as Abraham Lincoln; he not only looks exactly like the images we have been shown of Lincoln, he talks and acts as you expect him too. There is the personality of greatness, and the stories, oh the stories that come out of Lincoln’s mouth like treacle, at one point one of the characters starts screaming “He’s going to tell a story!” before running away in horror.

I won’t lie, these are the things I take from my experience of Lincoln, the look of Daniel Day Lewis, and the stories he tells. During the first hour I watched in bewilderment, bewilderment that I never had a clue what was going on, and what they were talking about. I Was not allow in my views, the group I sat with all bar one, never had a clue quite what was going on. This I guess is down to poor education, and the lack of need to educate ourselves.

The second hour and forty five minutes became far more clear, the issues of un-clarity become set aside, the biggest battle on the table was about giving black people the same rights as white people, or… maybe not.

Lincoln is a movie that works providing you have one of two things, a love of director Steven Spielberg who brings this biopic to the big screen, or a love of American history. If you do not have one or the other, you might be scratching your head as all the award nominations come flooding in.

Lincoln has some great performances from Sally Field, and Tommy Lee Jones, as well as a plethora of cameo performances, and familiar looking faces from America’s greatest TV dramas. It’s James Spader, as the fat, drunkard Bilbo that might very well be the person your heart clings to in the movie, next of course to our lead.

I’m sure that Lincoln is an amazing movie, but I cannot lie, despite its amazing sets, Oscar winning performances, and accurate costumes; it simply did not do enough to float my boat. I wish it all the very best on it’s journey, I’m not sure however how well it will be received when it is in UK cinemas from Friday.

Spencer Hawken
22nd January 2013

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