Friday, 25 January 2013

I Never Knew They Were Dead

Call me morbid, but while I was on my death bed (Man Flu) I for some unknown reason started looking at IMDB and people who died. I got quite a few shocks as I discovered some people had died and it had never even registered with me. Anyway here are some of my discoveries.

Dana Hill

Dana Hill spent much of her career providing vocals in animated movies, but for me I’ll always remember her for National Lampoons European Vacation. The tragedy for Dana was that she spent much of her later life in ill health as a result of diabetes. It was diabetes that ultimately took her life all the way back in 1996, Dana was just 32 years old. 

See her IMDB page here

Alexa Kenin

She bounced to fame in the Clint Eastwood movie Honkytonk Man, and then uttered one of the most memorable lines in Pretty In Pink "I hope they shrivel up and fall off." Before the world got to see Pretty In Pink, Kenin was gone. Like many celebrities that went from nowhere, to the big-time overnight Kenin developed a drug addiction (although annoyingly some confuse her with Dominique Dunne and think she was murdered). That drug addiction took Kenin's life around September 10th 1985, sadly Kenin died alone, and was not discovered for some time after her passing. Pretty In Pink is dedicated to her. 

Visit Alexa's IMDB page by clicking here

Merritt Butrick

Not a name familiar to many I know, but Merritt had quite a hefty catalogue of work under his belt. With a TV career that included Square Pegs, and Chips, Merritt was best know as David, the son of Captain (Later Admiral) Kirk, in Star Trek. Appearing in Star Trek II: The Wraith Of Khan, and again in Star Trek III: The Search For Spock, he later returned in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Like so many of the stars in this list, Merritt worked up until his final days. Merritt lead a relatively private life, and died of Aids on 17th of March 1989. 

You can see Merritt's IMDB page by clicking here

John Matuszak

He was an American Footballing legend, but most people knew him best for one role, in one legendary movie. The Goonies was a movie that meant a lot to several generations, and one character in the movie made everyone smile that character was Sloth, played by John. John also appeared in a number of other movies including Ice Pirates, One Crazy Summer, and Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission. Plus a wealth of TV shows including The A-Team, The Fall Guy, and The Dukes Of Hazard. John was all about living to excess, and it proved to be too much for him, a man obsessed with working out and keeping fit, John tragically died of a heart attack on June 17th 1989 aged just 38. 

Visit John's IMDB page here.

Kevin Peter Hall 

The name might be more familiar than the face, possibly down to the fact that his face was more often than not hidden. Kevin is best know for two roles, that of The Predator in Predator and Predator II, and Harry in Harry And The Henderson. Kevin's death was tragic, having been involved in a terrible car accident, Kevin needed a considerable amount of blood to be transfused, unfortunately that blood was contaminated with the AIDS virus. After falling ill Kevin told the world of his illness, and died on April 10th 1995, aged just 35. His wife campaigned and raised money for Aids awareness until her death in 2009. 

Visit Kevin's IMDB page here

Johnny Lewis

Johnny Lewis was a rising star, with a plethora of good work under his belt, Sons Of Anarchy, The Runaways, The O.C., The Lovely Molly, Alien Vs Predator: Requiem. It was a freak bike accident that lead to Johnny's untimely death. After falling from a bike Johnny skipped out of getting a scan for damage. From this point on, his behaviour became more erratic, almost permanently in trouble, beaten in jail, Johnny on 26th of September went on a rampage, killing his landlady and her cat before plunging to his death from the roof of the house. A sad victim in his death of an unsympathetic crowd, Johnny Lewis was a rare talent, lost due to a tragic accident. 

See Johnny's IMDB page here

Mia Amber Davis

Some people never really got the chance to shine, with just two acting roles under her belt, and a small history as a stand in for Queen Latifah, Mia rose to the public attention after her role as Rhonda in Road Trip. Mia death is incredibly tragic after much needed knee surgery, Mia tragically died as a result of a complication caused through the operation, she was just 35 years old. 

Visit Mia's IMDB page by clicking here.

Death is always tragic, but it somehow feels even more tragic when you never knew they have passed. 

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