Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hitchcock (2012)

In the wake of his movie North By Northwest, director Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins) is searching for something different, something shocking. The story Ed Gein has risen to the public interest again after Robert Bloch’s novel Psycho has been released. Hitchcock having read the book decides that it is the ideal story for his next project and get’s every copy removed from circulation. Hitchcock truly believes in his project, and his wife Alma (Helen Mirren) of course supports him, but as nobody else believes in the project, and Hitchcock puts his own money into the project, his relationship with Alma is put into jeopardy by the arrival on set of Janet Leigh (Scarlett Johansson), the financial burdens, and Alma’s friendship with Whitfield Cook (Danny Huston).

Hitchcock is the second movie made about one of the 20th centuries most respected directors, to be released within a few months. This and the other The Girl, tell different but similar scenario’s of the director. Hitchcock has a more romantic vision of the director, it’s hints at his desire to womanize, and it also hints at his need to take his leading lady to the very edge, but the blows here are much softer, the relationship between Hitchcock and Alma is much more close.

The movie touts itself as being a love story between Alma and Hitchcock, but this is only a small factor of the story. Yes you see closeness, yes there is a layer of romance, but it’s thin. It’s more about the movie Psycho, and the levels of jealousy and paranoia that exist within Hitchcock. 

The movie on the whole is incredibly enjoyable, however it is somewhat weighed down between a relationship that occurs between Hitchcock and Ed Gein (Michael Wincott), this relationship takes place in Hitchcock’s mind, like a level of mental instability. Each time Gein and Hitchcock appears in the room, the mood of the movie goes down a level, and you find yourself distracted from the story.

Hitchcock is an important movie, that shows the audience a fragment of Hitchcock’s life, but you cannot help but think the movie misses the mark a little. While the performances are good from everyone involved, the meandering of the script detracts from what the real story should be. 

Hitchcock is in UK cinemas from February 8th. 

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