Wednesday, 9 January 2013

First Quarter Horror Movies To See 2013

It's amazing to consider that two decades ago horror movies were on a massive decline, now the right kind of horror movie can become box office gold. 2013 is going to be no stranger to horror, here is a quick guide to what you should be seeing this first quarter of 2013.

American Mary is not a traditional horror, granted, but it's great viewing.

V/H/S finally gets an airing in the UK (outside of festivals), the movie hopes to breathe new life into the horror anthology movie. A film of variable input, V/H/S does have something for every type of horror movie fan.

A girl falls for a man who just happens to be a zombie, there have been lots of zombie love stories of late, but Warm Bodies is the only one that really pulls it off.

Again not a typical horror, Beautiful Creatures is one of the most anticipated movies of the first quarter of 2013.

Dark Skies promises chills, when a family moving to a new neighbourhood become the target of all things evil.

We reviewed it here last week, The Bay takes the found footage movie in a new direction, director Barry Levinson teams up with Orin Pelli to bring a terrifying horror tale to the big screen. A movie of two very different halves, after an slow build, the second half is a full on horror fest.

No longer a harmless elf, Elijah Wood its incredibly creepy in Maniac, a remake of the 1980 video nasty, about a man's obsession with women, and his desire to kill them.

In my opinion a little bit questionable, however many are looking forward to The Last Exorcism II, which promises to scare the living hell out of audiences... We'll see!

What happens when Wayne's World meets Donnie Darko, John Dies At The End is coming, see our review here shortly.

Most of the movies above are already reviewed on this site, please use the search option to find your interest.

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