Friday, 4 January 2013

Compliance (2012)

It seemed like an ordinary day, but for Becky (Dreama Walker) it was a day that she would remember for the rest of her life. During her shift at a fast food restaurant her employer receives a phone call saying that Becky has stolen money.  The caller claims to be a police officer, and as the day goes on, he demands upon the staff at the restaurant become more and more disturbing.

Compliance is an edgy Indie movie that looks at the beliefs we have in people of power above us. It’s more than that of course, its what people are prepared to do when ordered to do things that people in power order them to do. 

Compliance is a nicely paced movie, but it does by all means stretch the imagination quite a lot. As you watch it you find yourself questioning the logic of the characters, the story really does leave you asking about how stupid the individuals are, surely nobody would be this stupid? As Officer Scott’s (Pay Healy) requests get more and more bizarre, you almost hit your head in bewilderment as to why the characters carry out his incredibly perverse requests.

Rather amazingly there is a shocking element to the story in Compliance, and that is that the story featured is actually based on true events, and more alarmingly it actually plays down he events that happened in real life, regardless of how preposterous the story seems.

Compliance will take you into the darkest recesses of the human mind, and leave you questioning the morals of some, and the sanity of others. The movie does get a little frustrating at times, but the fact of realism takes that frustration and disperses it. Compliance is a powerful movie that you really need to see, but its weakness is that you’d probably never want to see it again.

Compliance in in UK cinemas from March 1st.

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