Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bullet To The Head (2012)

There is an argument for 80’s style action movies, it’s something we all still watch, whether it’s Commando, Cobra, Rambo, or Lethal Weapon. In the 1980’s one man stood head and shoulders above all other directors that man is Walter Hill who has returned to the directors chair (in a movie) for the first time in a decade for Bullet To The Head the latest action movie starring Sylvester Stallone.

Bullet To The Head is based on a series of graphic novels, and features the character Jimmy Bobo (Stallone) as a hired killer who ends up being betrayed by his most recent employer. Fighting for his life in America’s deep south, Bobo is forced to join forces with by the book cop Taylor (Sung Kang), and fight against the people who really hold the power. 

The argument of 80’s style action movies is clear, however Bullet To The Head is not the answer to that call. The movie comes of as a cheap made for DVD release, with little in the way of subject matter, some fairly abysmal performances, and a whole lack of emotion.

It is claimed that the production budget for the movie is $55 Million dollars; the first question that must be asked is where was the budget spent, as it certainly was not on quality performers or set dressing.  Even the special effects for the most part are nothing more than B-rate CGI, this includes some blood shots.

One of the biggest shocks of the movie is the performance delivered by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje who has always delivered, whether it’s the mysterious Mr Eko in Lost, or Decon Crane in The Accused. His performance here however is just abysmal, a real half attempt at playing the moves big bad guy, and his company is not much better. The films other two big villains are Christian Slater, and Jason Momoa both have a fairly sketchy history of acting performances, and the quality of the product they appear in.

Bullet To The Head is what it says on the tin, an action thriller, but beyond that, everything else, and that includes anything that might make you want to watch it again is completely devoid. Ultimately this is a failure, but it will do well because of the love people have for the movies lead, and a generation old’s movie fans have a far different memory of Walter Hill.

Bullet In The Head is in UK cinemas from February 1st.

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