Friday, 4 January 2013

80's Flashback: Commando

Fresh off the back of The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in Commando back in 1985. The story circles around an ex-soldier whose platoon have all been wiped out by mercenaries. In order to persuade John Matrix to carry out an assassination the mercenaries kidnap his daughter played by Alyssa Milano.

Amazingly in a Britain fresh after the Hungerford Massacre (a world that now edited everything), Commando escaped the BBFC unscathed, despite being one of the most violent movies made at the time. In fact it was not until the early 2000's that the BBFC decided to censor aspects of the movie for a DVD release, having been deleted some years earlier on video.

The movie features some of the most horrendous one liners in any movie ever, yet Commando is an incredibly good action movie to watch, a pre-CGI world, the effects are incredible, the movie proved so successful that Schwarzenegger was elevated in status to becoming one of the most bankable actors of the 1980's. Commando has pretty much disappeared, the youth of today have little knowledge of it. Nearly three decades after its release Commando is  a cracking movie.

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