Monday, 7 January 2013

70's Flashback: Frenzy

It's the Hitchcock movie that most people forget about, or do not know it even exists. Having worked in the US for decades, Hitchcock returned to his homeland of England, for this turbulent tale of a rapist seri a killer walking the streets of 1970's London.

Frenzy is an incredibly understated movie, that wins in every department except it's conclusion. Hitchcock always stayed close to the pulse in respect of delivering edgy thrills, but in many ways Frenzy was ahead of its time. From the other end of the spectrum however it was also a bit dated, Hitchcock having been away from the UK for some time creates a rather dated feel to the piece, in fact it seems very much a movie of the early 60's, that is until you take into account the sexual assaults and murder.

Frenzy is a great watch, filled with lots of key British actors of the day, it is filmed in some of London's most famous locations, and tackles a fairly grim subject matter.

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