Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Best Thriller's Of 2012

When it comes to thriller movies 2012 had some real rollercoaster movies, here is out pick of the best of 2012.

ATM was an edgy thriller that saw three people trapped in a ATM unit while a deranged killer reeks havoc outside. What could have been a monotonous 90 minutes, was a well-handled edge of the seat ride to hell.

When it comes to the stock exchange few movies rival the power of Wall Street that is until Margin Call a movie that shows the true wealth of the employee in a cutthroat business. Demi Moore and Jeremy Irons shine like diamonds, and the movie becomes one of the finest thrillers of 2012.

The Aggression Scale gives a very nasty spin to the Home Alone movies, finding a young reprobate arming his house up with incredibly lethal traps to maim or ideally kill, the intruders that have killed his father and step-mother.

A serial killer keeps a boy after killing his mother, raising him in an incredibly backwards manner, and making him privy to the killings in Chained. This taught suspense movie thrills pretty much every one who sees it.

Few movies had quite the twist of Spanish thriller Sleep Tight, in which a apartment concierge gets a little too close to one of the tenants. Sleep Tight offered some real edge of the seat moments, and a killer punch that many really never saw coming.

Sticking with twists, there is a rather shocking one in The Grief Tourist. Melanie Griffith is taken to hell in a hand basket when she fails to comply with a murder obsessive’s demands. But it’s the hooker who is in the room next to him that you really feel sorry for.

What no Argo I hear you cry, well due to a number of reasons Argo completely got away from us, no doubt we’ll catch up with it early in 2013.  

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