Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Best Horror Movies Of 2012

It’s time for our round up of the best movies of 2012. Today we begin with Horror, a genre close to my heart.

You could argue that it does not fall into the category of horror, but if you are looking for a truly edge of your seat moment in a movie you could not go far wrong with End Of Watch. This gritty, and at times hysterical cop drama takes the found footage genre and runs with it. While 75% of the movie goes smoothly, the final 25% takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, and to one very dark and twisted place.

Excision is one of the most twisted offerings of the year; the story of one girls troubled adolescence takes a fairly volatile turn, after a series of disappointing issues for her parents. It’s brutal, unhinging, and at times incredibly funny, but for many male audience viewers it will provide many a cringe worthy moment, that will be as horrific as the actual horror elements.

The Ascent is the ultimate plodding movie, a man heads off to find inspiration to write a new novel, taking with him the word of God. Settling with a remote rural family, he develops their transition into a more modern society. You never know where the Ascent is going, but the ending is truly shocking.

Not really scary, but a outright different movie was American Mary, the story of a failing medical student who does off the record transformation work on people with a cash on hand. Her work takes her down some dark paths and her personal/work relations become increasingly strained.

From the moment Sinister starts it traumatizes. The thing you see in the opening scene, is not what you think you have seen, and what you think is the “after” point is actually just the beginning. As our hero played by Ethan Hawke uncovers more and more disturbing 8mm footage, the audience takes a chilling journey.

In 1980 Maniac shocked audiences, in 2012 (2013 for some) it gets worse. Elijah Wood stars as a twisted serial killer, who executes pretty women to achieve his master project. With murder scenes that start where most movies cut off, Maniac can be a visually mortifying sight.

When The Lights Went Out is a British poltergeist film, based on true events. The film came from nowhere, with a good solid cast, while it might not provide genuine scares, it’s incredibly well pieced together, and a nostalgic trip for anyone in their thirties upwards.

Prometheus saw the return to Ridley Scott’s science-fiction arena, creating a partial link to his 1979 movie Alien, the story follows a crew of people who head out looking for the origins of man, and find something truly deadly. While not as cutting edge as Alien, it has a similar pace, and creates a terror as scary as you need it to be. 

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