Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Best Comedy Movies Of 2012

Comedy comes in all shapes and forms, 2012 was a full packed year of comedy, but in fairness few of them pulled any real clout. Lets look at our pick of the best.

When a couple take a break through the North Of England, they leave a series of bodies in their wake. Steve Oram and Alice Lowe took their characters of Chris and Tina (a stand up routine) on the road, delivering a darkly comedic horror in Sightseers.

Not necessarily the funniest movie of the year, but certainly an endearing one, Safety Not Guaranteed is an enchanting love story, set against a possibly very far-fetched back plot of time travel. The movie is in UK cinemas from Boxing Day, catch our review here.

If you loved The Breakfast Club, indie hit Locked In A Garage Band (still awaiting a UK release) is a movie you really need to see. A group of teenagers become locked in a garage during their bands practice forcing them to exorcise some very person demons. Funded by a kick-starter, and made on a shoestring, this is a modern classic.

It shouldn’t really be funny, but one of the year’s funniest movies is the tale of a paraplegic man who is given a new lease of life thanks to an unlikely carer in Untouchable. While it has its serious side, Untouchable is a riotous laugh that shows that disability does not mean a lack of humour.

The third installment of the Rec series really showed that a zombie movie does not need to take itself too seriously. While the series die hard fans were annoyed by Rec 3, newcomers and those with a little more about them saw the movie as a much needed relief, fully in the knowledge that its sequel will be truly horrifying.

For almost everyone the comedy movie of 2012 has to be Ted, the story of a boy who believes so much in his bear that it comes to life. But as the boy gets older and becomes less than innocent, so does his bear, in fact Ted is more than happy to lead him astray.

Taking the food footage style in a different direction (no finding here) Project X follows the adventures of three teenagers as they host the party of parties, while Tom’s parents are away for their wedding anniversary. Project X is literally a riot, in every sense of the word, a visual feast so realist you feel like you are there.

It would be rude not to mention American Pie: Reunion, years after the last main installment the gang are gathered together again, this time with all new baggage, all new fears, and some rather unexpected promises. With some truly gross out moments, American Pie: Reunion proved there is still life in this much loved comedy series. 

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