Saturday, 22 December 2012

Bait 3D (2012)

Bait (or Bait 3D if you prefer) is a compelling new disaster movie from Australia. While aspects of the movie are incredibly questionable from the offset, the story provides an at times laughable, at others gripping scenario.

Set on a beautifully sunny day, a Tsunami hits the city, killing thousands, destroying buildings, and trapping a group of people in a supermarket and its adjoining car park. Having to contend with the water that fills over half the height of the supermarket is half the battle, the other is in the two great white sharks that are also trapped, and looking for food.

The best way to describe Bait is that it is a romp, it is not a movie that you need to take too seriously, neither is it a movie you have to think to much about. This being said its incredibly funny, and without a doubt certainly edge of the seat stuff.

Performances in the movie are really varied, from the excellent deliveries by Julian McMahon (Nip Tuck), and relative newcomers like Xavier Samuel, down to abysmal performances by Dan Wylie, who given his years experience as an actor really should know better.

Bait unusually offers 3D for a purpose, so many movies use this current trend to simply add dimension, and here it also follows the classic 3D trait of having a visual purpose. Things actually come towards you when the action starts to kick off.

The effects are incredibly good, moving a combination of real, and animatronic sharks to deliver the movies big bad. CGI is used sparingly, and it really helps the movie to generate so realism.

Despite its mixed reviews, Bait has done phenomenally well globally, turn its budget into cool hard cash, as a result a sequel is already in the pipeline, with many countries yet to even see this new fishy blockbuster.

Bait is due for release in the UK mid 2013. 

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