Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sylvia Kristel Dies Of Cancer Age 60

She set hearts a flutter back in 1974, when she starred in the highly acclaimed and much criticised  Emmanuelle; today sadly we lost Sylvia Kristel. Almost everyone had an impression of who Sylvia was, but few knew the reality. Behind the highly sexual facade was a highly private, and introvert individual.

Born on 28th of September 1952 in Utrecht, Netherlands, this struggling actress took on the highly controversial role of Emmanuelle in the Just Jaecken movie of the same name. She spent a decade taking on roles of a highly sexual nature including Lady Chatterly's Lover, and reprising her Emmanuelle role several times. In between she made far less sexual performances in movies such as The Concorde... Airport 79.  In 1983 Kristel hit the big time after starring in the movie Private Lessons, in which she starred as a woman who fell in love with a teenager after originally seducing him as part of an ambitious fraud.

Kristel had been fighting cancer since 2005, when she was diagnosed with a malignant vocal growth. Since then she has continued to work, including directing her own feature in 2006, and taking on various cameo roles. Her last performance was in the 2010 TV movie Swing Girls.

In 2011 Kristel was informed that the throat cancer (caused through heavy smoking) had spread to her lungs. On June 12th of this year she suffered a severe stroke, and found mobility difficult. She died peacefully in her sleep last night aged just 60.

Below is a series of trailers from some of her most popular movies.


Private Lessons

Lady Chatterley's Lover

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