Sunday, 7 October 2012

Raindance 2012: A Night Too Young AKA Prílis mladá noc

It’s the New Year, and two twelve-year-old boys play innocently in the snow, when they are approached by two men, and a woman who is a teacher at the boy’s school. The teacher (Natalie Rehorova) encouraged the boys to go to the pub and get them some vodka. Returning to teachers home, they are invited to stay, and as the night progresses the boys are given food, and alcohol, as the sexual tension grows in the room, the teacher slips off her underwear.

A Night Too Young is a strikingly uncomfortable featurette from the Czech Republic. In realistic terms is possible one of the most uncomfortable views you are likely to have for some time, and very reminiscent of the time when Italian exploitation movies showed that anything could go, regardless of the taboo. A room with five people, two of whom are children, and sex is high on the agenda the general consensus will be one of disapproval.

Menace is high on the table of things you feel as you watch the movie, and this is its winning factor. Why wont these adults let the children leave? Why are the adults happy to at least attempt to have sex in front of the children? As you watch the story unravel there is a sickening feeling that enters your stomach, something is going to happen and the outcome is bound to stick in your mind.

This is a movie that asks more questions than it answers, which is ultimately where it will have it’s charm, and it’s appeal. It’s a dark journey, and flashbacks, and fantasies that are explored as the story progresses just make things worse. A Night Too Young puts seeds of horror in your head, and invites you to create the missing pieces. This is a rewarding little movie that understands the things that upset us, unlocks our fears, probes the darkest aspects of the human soul and then delivers something that is quite unexpected. With performances that are utterly convincing, and a running of time of a little over an hour, this is a movie that anyone can afford the time to see. 

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