Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Raindance 2012: Locked In A Garage Band

It's Saturday and time for a days band practice in Richie's garage, but this Saturday it's all change Scott has been replaced by his recently ex-girlfriend Abby, much to the annoyance of Meadow. Meanwhile Schinder wants to change the bands direction and go all Christian. Tempers hit the wall when Scott and new girlfriend Laura-Kate turn up to collect his things causing a confrontation between Scott, Abby and band leader Richie. Just when things look like they can get no worse, the band get locked in the garage, with no chance of escape till later that day. Forced to spend time together, get stoned, and exorcise each others demons, this is one Saturday none of them will forget. Move over The Breakfast Club, there's a new cult teen comedy in town.

Locked In A Garage Band is a feat in the flesh, fed up of failed script sales Jennifer Westcott and her sister Victoria Westcott decided after a two day crash course in filmmaking to get their respective asses in gear and make a movie. Setting up a kick-starter and using a friends garage they managed to achieve their task, using quality twenty-something actors, and one very straightforward location. What these sisters have managed to do is deliver a filmmaking master class of a movie on their very first feature.

Don't be under any misconceptions after my last paragraph, you can clearly see the movie comes in on a budget, and you can also spot flaws; but its every bit as crisp and clear as the aforementioned John Hughes classic. From its beautiful shooting, and imaginative ways to fill it's 90 odd minute running time, to a scorching score from some of the globes best fresh faced musical talent.

Much of the movie focuses on the relationships of the six "friends" and it plays with the dynamics a little, creating allegiances, and enemies in a small infrastructure. Then you have the blend of love, drugs, and a pot full of two people's piss. Oh yes this is a movie that has it all, including the gross out factor. 

There are some killer performances from the very capable young cast especially from Ella Simmon as the dysfunctional rebellious "Juno" styled teen. Andrew Jenkins as the troubled Scott who is asking those important life decisions. And last but no means least Luke Jennings as the guy with the gags, the fall guy, and brunt of every joke in the book. 

Locked In A Garage Band is a movie that comes from nowhere, and is sure to become a hit on the global festival circuit, a movie that funded itself through Kickstarters and will ultimately reap cash, whether it gets a minor cinema release, or hits the DVD shelves. If you have the chance, then see this clever little movie.

You can catch Locked In A Garage Band as part of the Raindance Film Festival (London) on Wednesday 3rd of October. Get tickets here.

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