Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Raindance 2012: Home

As Thomas Gleeson’s short movie Home opens you get a real shiver of suspense,  a hallways shaking from side to side, a beaming light coming from a room, that the door swings open on. It’s the impressive opening that could be the beginning of any horror movie.

But this New Zealand effort has you already where it wants you, you have just witnessed something quiet edgy, but the reality is that it was something quite innocent. Thomas Gleeson takes the camera into a New Zealand home, and follows it’s move from one location to another. 

You often think of moving home as a change of home, but this is just a change of location. And from the inside of the house in question we see the effects that moving a house have structurally, but we also get to enjoy the scenery that the house sees on its journey. The house climbs hills, passes vast lakes, and finally settles in an isolated location.

With a running time of just 11 minutes, Home is a beautiful enticing film that is as beautifully shot, as it is thought out. 

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