Sunday, 14 October 2012

Raindance 2012: From Tuesday To Tuesday AKA De Martes a Martes

Juan Benitez (Alejandro Awada) is living a mundane life in a clothing factory, sewing, washing, and ironing. His job is not only boring; his employers find new and intricate ways of docking his pay. But Juan has dreams of a better life, in his free time he loves to work out, and fantasizes of owning his own gym, but he never manages to save any money. One night while walking home Juan witnesses the  hideous rape of someone he knows, and hatches a plan to get the money needed to create his gym.

From Tuesday To Tuesday is one of those slow-burning tales that somehow manages to keep you captivated from the offset. Through most of the first half we follow Juan in his mundane existence, getting a feel of exactly how hard he works, and how little the money he earns goes. It builds up the psychology of Juan’s mindset, so when the terrible event occurs you are more likely to be on his side.

The power of this movie is that on pretty much any issue, and any point in time you are only given 50% of the information, allowing you the viewer to create the back story of Juan, in doing so you are allowed to elaborate on the darkest aspects of his past.

The story written by Gustavo Fernandez Trivino is incredibly well structured, who delivers different paces throughout the second section of the movie to keep you firmly on the edge of your seat. In the final portion, things get really hairy, and you ultimately expect the very worst things that can possibly happen to occur. While a secondary story, Trivino allows you to see things from the rape victims angle, while keeping her very much on the outside.

There is little you can say about From Tuesday To Tuesday in order to preserve the power of the story, so do not think that my lack of words is a thing of negativity for this movie, because this Argentinian gem has an awful lot to it, and in actual fact pushes to becoming one of my favourite movies of 2012. 

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