Sunday, 7 October 2012

Raindance 2012 Comes To An End Today

I certainly got out of my depth with Raindance, having managed to stay up to date with reviews up until Tuesday, from there on I lost the plot. I just hope that those films do not suffer as a result on today the final day.

Raindance has been amazing, with some incredible movies. Once I never expected too enjoy I loved, while those I thought I would love, I never.

The stand out movies of Raindance are without a doubt Tuesday To Tuesday (showing today), about a man who sees a way to follow his dreams, regardless of the casualties. Locked In A Garage Band, a sort of Breakfast Club for a new millennium. The Ascent a gripping horror with an incredible punch. Vegetarian Cannibal a tale of a despicable gynaecologist. And Familiar Ground, a Canadian movie about a pair of siblings who encounter a man from the future.

My recommendations for today if you are attending: Bad Hair Friday, City Slacker, From Tuesday To Tuesday, and Cinema Six. Many of which you will find reviews of over the last few days.

I have about 12 reviews to add, if you were unable to make Raindance, and i'll be uploading those over the next couple of days.

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