Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Raindance 2012: City Slacker

Amanda (Fiona Gillies) should be celebrating her birthday; it’s a big one! Instead she’s at her doctors being told that she needs to get pregnant quick. Her frozen eggs have been fried in a fire, and she’s well past her prime. But this corporate high flier has spent her life putting off becoming a mum, prioritising her work first. Even though her work is important, she sets her heart on a mission, find a man, get pregnant, leave man (who hopefully has zero aspirations) at home to raise the child. The only thing standing in her way of course is the lack of a man, and the ticking clock of biology.  How could things get any worse for Amanda? A thought that must cross her mind as her wayward father Ray (Tom Conti) lands on her doorstep having been made homeless. 

In the 1990’s the British re-invented the romantic comedy, Four Weddings And A Funeral was a box office success, and with Notting Hill we proved this not to be just a one trick pony. Since then however we have failed in the romantic comedy stakes, that is of course until now. City Slacker is the strongest competitor the UK has had for this crown in over a decade.

Marvellously pieced together into an impressive 90 minutes running time, City Slacker is a well-paced, enjoyable piece of comedy. It has a serious point to make, but manages to keep an audience laughing through its entirety.

Tom Conti leads the humour, and manages to get you smiling in every single scene he appears in, generally down to the fact that his character has little or no understanding of modern technology, and this includes making a cup of tea.

Sticking with humour, there is a lot that can be said for City Slacker, so many comedies now days simply just cause you to smile, City Slacker has some real laugh out loud moments. In between the humour, this is a movie that will mess with your heartstrings; this is without a doubt a film to fall in love with. 

Fiona Gillies may not be a name you are familiar with, but facially you will know her, having appeared in pretty much every major British TV show since the early 90’s. Generally you’ll find her in a villainous role, very much as you find her here, but she shakes that off quickly and you’re never quite clear if its her or her character Amanda that you are falling in love with.

Although shot on a tight budget, there is no evidence to show this, from the swanky London locations to the long list of cameos from some of England’s finest talent.

City Slacker is not all perfect; the ending (or at least the last few minutes) does feel a little rushed, but by the time you have reached this point, you do not care

City Slacker has been made by a consortium of people, including many directly involved in the movie that have invested time, cash or a combination of the two. And it’s a real gamble for these investors who now need to secure distribution to stop it from becoming a direct to DVD release, and trust me if The Knot can get distribution, this definitely should.

To help this movie to get the attention it deserves you can start of by liking their Facebook page, found here

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