Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New Look Site Coming Soon

A blog style webpage is perfectly acceptable for any website. But if you want to be taken a bit more seriously then you need a more serious site.

Views From The Edge has been running for around four months now, and we are already getting a bare minimum of 1000 reads a day. In September we had 9813 Facebook shares, 21,833 Tweets, and 1939 Google +1's. That's a lot of traffic shares for a amateur blog.

It was only around 13 days ago we had our 100,000 hit, and by the end of next week that figure will be 200,000.

The image above will give you an idea of the new look, but i'm still bungling away at it, in a rather shoddy manner, and I think we might be a week or so away yet.

For those that read, share, and like our site, thank you very much.

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