Thursday, 18 October 2012

Looper (2012)

In the future it’s difficult to get rid of the bodies of your enemies, so these enemies are sent back in time 30 years where they are executed by hired killers known as Loopers. Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levett) is one of the best Loopers, but his work is challenged by his drug addiction (eye drops). When his best friend Seth (Paul Dano) comes to him in the middle of the night, he tells Joe that his future self was sent back for execution, and that he was assigned with the mission of killing himself. Seth unable to kill himself, allowed his future self to go free, so both his present and future self is wanted by the mob. Seth warns Joe that in the future someone known as The Rainmaker wants to change everything, and that there is no need for Loopers. Having unwittingly turned Seth over to the mob, Joe finds himself confronted with his future self (played by Bruce Willis), who also escapes. On the run from the mob, both Joe’s are wanted, with orders to terminate on sight.

Looper is the first big project for director Rian Johnson since his highly successful feature brick in 2005, and one that has been a long time in the making. Looper has been on the cards for nearly four years, and has been in postproduction for nearly two. Rather like Brick, Looper features some pretty high profile stars, but comes in on a relatively modest budget compared to many other blockbuster movies out there. The budget constraints are fairly clear when watching, but it’s not something that hinders your enjoyment of the film. 

Looper’s power is in the fact that it runs three parallel plot points consecutively, the story of both young and old Joe battling each other would be enough, then you have the sub plot of the Rainmaker, and finally something far less expected.

Jeff Daniels takes on a fairly nasty role as Abe, who runs the Looper’s back in present day (present day being still several decades in our future). The character of Abe is the first character you feel any real intensity with, long before the two Joe’s played by Levitt and Willis’ characters have even started to develop.  It’s nice to see Daniel’s back on fine form; his handling of characters takes him to the level of being one of cinema’s biggest bad guys in recent cinema history.

Looper has received an awful lot of acclaim, and it’s entirely deserved, so much is squeezed into a relatively short period of time, so many strands that look at every single spectrum of human emotion. While primarily an action movie, there is much more going on beneath the surface, this includes a slow burning love story with Sara played by Emily Blunt.

Looper does the thing that few movies of it’s standard achieves, it brings everyone together, old, young, male, female there is something for everyone. And as it pushes towards it’s final moments in your heart you really want more. 

Looper is still in UK cinema's at the time of writing. 

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