Tuesday, 23 October 2012

It's Almost Halloween Frightfest

Where the hell has this year gone? It seems like only yesterday I was saying goodbye to Frightfest for what I thought would be another year. That was before of course I was FORCED to attend the Halloween Frightfest, something I normally avoid de to the fact that I'd probably sleep half the night.

Anyway this Saturday's lineup in case you missed it is The ABC's Of Death, a 26 part anthology movie. Excision which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago. The excellent (at times excellently bad) Zombie Flesh Eaters, the movie that made Lucio Fulci a horror household name. Bait 3D an aussie Jaws style tale about a shark (and humans) trapped in a supermarket after a tsunami. Jessica Biel (who recently married Justin Timberlake) stars as a woman trying to find her son in The Tall Man. And finally highway horror in The Helpers.

I'll be back on Sunday/Monday with reviews of the above movies. Although I might need some well earned sleep on Sunday, providing I don't sleep the whole night!

Catch my excision review here!


The ABC's Of Death 

The Tall Man

Bait 3D

Zombie Flesh Eaters

The Helpers

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