Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Hit And Run (2012)

Charlie Bronson (Dax Sheppard) leads a desirable life, a rural location, living off the land, no need to carry out a proper job, and a beautiful girl called Annie (Kristen Bell). When Annie gets offered a job out of town Charlie’s life is turned upside down, if his girlfriend stays she does not get the role she has trained her whole life for. If she goes she goes alone. If he goes with her his life will truly be turned upside down, for Charlie is in a witness protection program, and the job is based in the very location that lead him to be in the program in the first place. With Annie’s jealous ex in toe, it’s only a matter of time before Alex (Bradley Cooper) who went to prison based on Charlie’s testimony finds out Charlie is back in town. 

Hit And Run is a fairly run of the mill Hollywood comedy, there is plenty going on to keep you amused for it’s 100 minute running time, and this includes a couple of proper laugh out loud comedy moments, generally at the expensive of Bradley Cooper's character, who was repeatedly raped in prison.

The ensemble cast is filled with likeable people, even the bad guys played Bradley Cooper and Michael Rosenbaum who plays Annie’s ex Gil. Even Tom Arnold and Beau Bridges come along for the ride. And certainly the leading performers are appealing enough. 

The problem with Hit And Run is that this is not a movie you would be in any hurry to revisit again, and worse still it’s a movie that is spoilt by it’s trailer, all the best lines, and key plot points are revealed in the trailer, and as you sit and watch the film, you cannot feel at any point that you are seeing anything new.

In summing up, if you get to see Hit And Run then you wont be angry at the experience, and you’ll experience a few laughs, but don’t watch the trailer, because if you do, you’ll lose it all. 

Hit and run is in UK cinemas from October 12th. 

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