Monday, 29 October 2012

Gallowwalkers (2012)

Some movies have a certain legend attached to them, one such movie is Galowwalkers (or Gallowwalker is it was known about 6 years ago). This movie disappeared from sight around four years ago, it rather famously is known as the movie that Wesley Snipes was filming when he was arrested and charged with tax evasion.  Since then the movie has been in limbo that was until producer Jack Bowyer got hold of it.

Aman (Wesley Snipes) is stalking the dead, some time earlier a group of men took what was valuable to him, he killed them but rather unexpectedly they returned, stronger, deadlier and far more powerful than before. Hooking up with convict Fabulos (Riley Smith), they start the search for the ruthless Kansa (Kevin Howarth) a man with a mission, who is assembling his army of flesh stealing freaks.

Gallowwalkers is one of those movies that most people will have the lowest possible expectations of, regardless of circumstance there is always serious question marks around movies that are lost or at the very least shelved for a period of time. When you also incorporate that it’s writer/director is Andrew Goth the creator of one of the worst British movies of all time Everyone Loves Sunshine, you are already onto a losing track.

Rather surprisingly Gallowwalkers is not a terrible movie, in fact for vast portions it’s actually incredibly good. It’s sinister, atmospheric, and visually stunning opening twenty minutes, really pulls you in. There is a very familiar feel to the picture; it’s very similar in style to Sergio Leone’s Once Upon A Time In The West.  The story itself is a enticing one, the whole zombie western genre is always a little overlooked, although these are not your typical zombie types.

Sadly the movie does fall down, and its not entirely clear if it’s down to the fact that the delivery does not build up to the promise, or whether at least five years away from the movie has effected the editing process. It’s editing that will cause the most offence; action sequences seem a bit too hollow, mainly down to the fact that you do not quite feel you are seeing what you should be. There is also some fairly sloppy CGI that will leave you with jaw gapped open.

Galowwalkers is not a film to be avoided, because it does have something go for it. It’s costumes; make-up and dark visuals make it a fairly compelling watch. And if you focus on the bigger picture, more than the technicalities, it still has much going for it. 

It's future is still a little uncertain, but if you can get to see this movie you really should. 

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