Monday, 15 October 2012

Excision (2012)

Pauline (AnnaLynne McCord) is not like normal girls, she does not care about appearance, and says exactly what she thinks. When Pauline sleeps she dreams of hideous surgical procedures that borderline with sex featuring dismembered souls. The subject of amusement at school, she offers up her virginity to the boy with the smallest rumored penis, so it won’t hurt for her first time. The bane of her parents lives played by Traci Lords and Roger Bart, she has their best interests at heart, and vows to make them proud of her, but at what cost. 

When John Waters first appears on screen as local priest William, you are by no means are surprised. While he only appears in the movie, you feel a definite homage to the profound director in many scenes in the movie. His presence is subtle, but his style is most certainly imitated by new director Richard Bates Jr. A rather graphic abortion scene about 40 minutes through does most definitely have a sort of Desperate Living (Water’s 1977 movie) feel about it.

Excision is not a movie for the faint of heart, as it covers lots of areas considered taboo (especially by men). It’s not so much the gore, it’s the menstruation area that will create the ultimate cringe factor, from a oral sex encounter, to the removal of a sanitary product, this is a film that will certainly cause some controversy.

Visuals are the key to Excision’s power; the dream/fantasy sequences are shot in luridly coloured backgrounds, with irregular colours working against themselves, and the graphic content shown on the screen. Putrid blue walls are designed to give the blood that so constantly flows the ultimate backdrop.

Despite everything said above, the story as a whole plods along in a not dissimilar way to Donnie Darko. You have the outsider of the group, who is loathed by his fellow students, but has a certain knowledge few others share. As a result this is obviously not the horror filled ride that you might be expecting from previous paragraphs, it’s a coming of age style drama with horrific visuals and a shocking end. 

As well as John Waters and Traci Lords, there are other marvelous cameo’s that include Twin Peaks Ray Wise as the disbelieving headmaster, A Clockwork Orange star Malcolm McDowell in the role of he confrontational teacher, and Children Of A Lesser God’s leading lady Marlee Matlin in the role of the school receptionist.

Excision is a disturbing, visually shocking, at times hysterical venture into the comedy horror genre, it will without a doubt stick firmly in the mind of anyone who sees it, but will also be something that rather unexpectedly you may want to see again. 

Excision is being shown briefly in selected UK cinemas from November 2nd, before coming out on DVD/Blu-Ray and digital formats on 12th of November. 

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