Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Butter (2011)

In a small town in rural Iowa, certain events get people a little bit more excited than you might expect. This year it’s the butter crafting competition that has it’s residents all worked up. Leading the butter obsessives is Laura (Jennifer Garner) who is striking back against her husband Bob’s (Ty Burrell) various failures. This issue is also spurred by Bob’s infidelity with prostitute Brooke (Olivia Wilde), who feels that Bob owes her, even after Laura discovers about their liaison. To take revenge against Laura for ending her regular cash injections from Bob, Brooke decides to enter the butter-crafting contest. Then there is 9 year-old Destiny (Yara Shahidi), an innocent who discovers her love of butter crafting, after being shifted from one foster home to another. As these three female figures step up to the contest who will be the winner?

Butter may not sound like the most thrilling of tales, but it’s fairly well handled thanks to a killer script by Jason A. Micallef, who delivers some fast, and at times incredibly crude dialogue to spice up the action, from the movies first twenty minutes you really have no idea how graphic the dialogue is going to get.

Jennifer Gardner sadly seems to have stepped into the stereotypical uptight bitch role she so often gets to play in her more recent movies. Many are comparing her stance, and ethics as pretty much near on identical to the role she played in Juno. This being said, she does get to play the villain of the piece, and a good villain she is too, with one of the foulest tongues hidden under a whiter than white exterior; she is the villain you root for. 

The best performance however must ultimately go to the character of Destiny, played impeccably by Yara Shahidi. This quirky minor has a certain way about her that you simply cannot help but fall in love with.

The movie has an ensemble cast of familiar faces and includes performances by Hugh Jackman and Alicia Silverstone, but this is not enough to give Butter the saving it badly needs. Wile the movie is a perfectly entertaining way to pass 90 minutes; it’s filled with minor plot holes, and seldom moves above the pace of being average. After a promising first 45 minutes, it starts to stagger and meander before falling just prior to the final hurdle. Butter is an ok movie, but it won’t be setting the world alight in any hurry.

Butter is in UK cinemas from October the 18th. 

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