Tuesday, 30 October 2012

24 Hours And Counting

The new look Views From The Edge website is around 24 hours from launch. Lots of sections will have a "coming soon" element as they are new additions, not just back catalogue stuff.

As well as the reviews, now spread over four sections Independent, Coming Soon, Out Now, and General Reviews (which will include links to every review i've ever written). There are some new sections:- Raindance looks at the school as well as the movies at the festival. Frightfest covers a bit of Frightfest news as well as movies that have featured at the events. And there will also be a section for people looking for investment/help for their movie projects.

This blog will remain, and is going nowhere, so you can access us from the main site, or via this blog. Info from this blog will feed into the main site.

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