Sunday, 23 September 2012

What To See In Cinema's This Week W/C 23rd September

Hysteria opened this week, the story of the worlds first vibrator is as amusing as it sounds, sadly audiences are not being driven to see it.  Read a review! Read an interview with Rupert Everett here!

The Sweeney is still out there, with Ray Winstone and Ben Drew still cleaning up the vermin from London's streets "You Slag!" Read a review here, Read an interview with the cast and director here!

Keira Knightley has gone all historical again, in the love and death tale that is Anna Karenina, Jude Law and Olivia Williams are on hand for support. Read a review here!

In Lawless good old moonshine making boys come up against a despicable cop, played by Guy Pearce. Read a review here! Read an interview with the director here!

It might well make men cry, Now Is Good is the heartbreaking tale of a young girl who takes the option to refuse treatment to fight her terminal cancer. Read a review here! Read a interview with director Ol Parker here!

Meryl Streep & Tommy Lee Jones face up to their sexual problems in quirky comedy Hope Springs. Read a review here!

Fancy a little bit different? Then Holy Motors should be your destination, demented, violent, and Kylie Minogue taking a nose-dive! Read a review here!

The Possession is still driving people to cinemas in search of a fairly non existent scare, it's still a pretty good movie though. Read A review here!

Without a doubt one of the best foreign language movies ever, Untouchable follows the journey of a paraplegic man and his unconventional carer. Read an review here!

And Ted, the loveable bear is still holding the cinema audiences attention. Read a review here!

Premium Rush find's Joseph Gordon-Levitt in receipt of a package that a crooked cop wants to get his hands on. Read A review here!

Other movies worth a mention, but not reviewed here:-

Dredd 3D


Total Recall

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