Saturday, 22 September 2012

What To See At Raindance This Week!

London’s Raindance Festival starts this Wednesday, in it’s 20th year Raindance each year brings it’s festivals across the globe introducing audience to the freshest, hottest, independent movies before they are seen anywhere else (in that country). This years London Raindance Festival features over 100 movies, and 150 shorts, as well as a series of workshops.

Here are the movies I think you should take a look at showing at Raindance this week.

Here Comes The Devil

When some children go missing, their parents fear the worst; but at soon relieved when they come home unharmed. Soon however they realize that something is not quite right, it seems something else has come home.


Based on a true story, a group of aging musicians recruit a young unknown, to fool the music industry.


In 2007 a young filmmaker threw caution to the wind, and headed off on a bike through the desert, looking for answers to the meaning of life.

Loveless Zoritsa

Zoritsa was born with a curse, a moustache-less woman, born into a family of women with moustaches. Every man she falls in love with meets a terrible end, and she becomes ostracized by her own people. The movie promises to be a very dark fairytale.


A German student on her last days in England falls in love with an English boy, meanwhile her friends relationship turns increasingly violent. Shot for just £3000, this is surely a drama to witness.

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet

Jason Becker is the most famous musician you’ve never heard of, an artiste like no other, and a musical talent that artists have wanted to imitate. Years ago Jason Becker was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and feared dead, but Jason still lives!

Vegetarian Cannibal

Chilling black comedy about a despicably gynecologist that will break laws, and prey on women to afford himself a better lifestyle.

Missed Connections

Bitter after finding his girlfriend in bed with his friend, Neal takes his revenge out on women that complete missed connection ads and file them on the Internet. Posing as the man they saw on the train, or on a night out he organizes a liaison and watches to see them stood up.  It’s all good for Neal, enjoying the misery, until the same girl keeps turning up at all his weird dates.

The movies above are showing between Wednesday and Sunday. I’ll be giving you some more pointers again on Saturday 29th.

For more information, or to book your tickets CLICK HERE!

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