Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Untouchable AKA Intouchables

Philippe (Francois Cluzet) has been here before; it’s time to recruit another carer, his usual carer’s usually struggle to last a week, it’s a frustrating place to be. Since his accident several years earlier, he has been immobile, paralysed from the neck down, and so many carer’s have passed through his house. But then in walks Driss (Omar Sy), a man who has no care for the job; he is simply there to ensure he gets his unemployment benefit.  His lack of care, emotion, sparks something in Philippe, instead of employing the right kind of person, why not employ the wrong type?

Untouchable is a multi-award winning movie that is winning over the hearts of every single person that sees it, it’s a tale that touches the viewer, makes them feel incredibly lucky (whatever their circumstance) to be alive. What is incredibly unique about this incredible tale is that it’s a foreign language movie.

The story of Untouchable, despite at times seeming very far-fetched has another bonus point, the story is based very much on a real life story, and most of the situations that occur within the movie, are entirely true.

Within a few minutes of the movies opening, you are completely sold on whatever happens from there on out. Untouchable is hysterical, hysterical in the fact that its situations have really happened, so therefore all the more appealing. Having lured you in with its humour, it never lets you go, the hilarious situations continue, but as the laughs continue, the emotional tale of Philippe’s situation, his misfortune, and essential prison he is in get’s hold. The fact that he never loses his humour, and carries on, dealing with each and every situation builds hope, but again that hope, that passion is re-enforced with great humour. 

The biggest strength of the movie is in it’s performances, Cluzot is exceptional, his 90 odd films made prior to this just pale in comparison to this role, this is the role of a lifetime for many actor’s, and it’s difficult to see how anyone else could fill these shoes. Meanwhile Sy, is staggeringly good as the less than enthusiastic carer, developing every single emotion in just a few short scenes.

While movies about disability are nothing new in the movie industry, rarely are they handled with the power of Untouchable, you really cannot underplay how absolutely mind blowing this movie is. You will laugh to you’re stomach and mouth hurts, you might also cry. One emotion you won’t have however, is anything negative, this movie is a real keeper.

As we march through September I think it’s safe to say that Untouchable will easily be my choice of movie of the year. 

Untouchable opens in UK cinemas from 21st of September. 

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