Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Good Doctor (2012)

Dr. Martin Blake (Orlando Bloom) has moved from the UK to the US to practice medicine. As an alien in the country he is treated with contempt from pretty much everyone he encounters. Then he encounters patient Diane Nixon (Riley Keough), who is having trouble with her liver, he nurses her back to good health and it seems they have a bond, but hen she returns home the bond is broken, missing his number one fan Martin ensures that Diane returns to hospital once more.

The Good Doctor is a little bit of an oddity, for reasons unknown Martin arrives on US shores looking like he has just been ejected from the 1980’s, in fact its not just Martin who has that 80’s feel, much of the movie has that whole dated feel. During the entire first portion technology seems missing, then miraculously it starts appearing everywhere, its almost as if the makers decided it would be a period piece, then realized that technology needed to play part of the tale and included it as an after thought. 

The movie plods along for the most part, and on the whole is a fairly bland effort. But then every now and again there is spark, when the events of Martin’s actions against Diane hit home things get surprisingly edgy. And when hospital orderly Jimmy (Michael Pena) starts playing some mind games with Martin, you get that same impact again.

Martin’s character moves from kind and considerate and incredibly professional, to just plain chilling as the movie progresses.

There are some good mechanisms and some great ideas bought to life in The Good Doctor, but they are simply not realized, for the majority it seems like you are watching some 80’s art-house movie, although the characters are a little more developed. While the movie has promise of spark, its nowhere near as powerful as 80’s thriller Paper Mask, and on the whole generally quite bland, a fact that the great performances simply cannot make up for. 

The Good Doctor is in cinemas in the UK from early 2013. 

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