Sunday, 9 September 2012

Some Guy Who Kills People

Ken (Kevin Corrigan) is fresh out of the mental institution where he has been living for several years. Back in the real world he is forced to deal with his insane mother Ruth (Karen Black) and the very people who used to bully him years earlier. But more than this, he must also face up to the fact that he has a daughter he never knew existed. Targeted by the bullies from his past once more, bodies soon begin piling up around the town, but is Ken behind them, or is it someone trying to put him back inside?

While it sits the horror genre, viewers expecting any scares will be very disappointed with Some Guy Who Kills People. This is certainly a movie that more a comedy above all things, with a little bit of death thrown in for good measure. Its meandering tale is so tame, you do kind of wonder if it deserves its adult classification. While death is a constant, this is very much the sort of feel good comedy drama that you might find on an afternoon television schedule. 

When death strikes its more amusing than anything else, the victims are killed with a touch of irony.  For the most part this is PG-13 kind of stuff, and it works as much on the relationship between Ken and his daughter Amy (Ariel Gade), and his romantic entanglements with Stephanie (Lucy Davis).

Chucked into the mix is Sheriff Walt Fuller (Barry Bostwick) who plays the stupidest screen cop ever, and even when all the evidence is right under his nose he still does not see it. Unlike all the other characters the Sheriff is literally there for humour only, and Bostwick literally thrives on the role, clear lapping up the job in hand.

Karen black deserves some attention as the mother of Ken, her attitude is a winner, and whenever she talks to Ken it is in disgust. She seems disgusted each time he comes home, as if she is wishing him to fall foul of a killer. Lack performances is solid, its sad that she is let down by other performers.

Some Guy Who Kills People is an enjoyable little sideline, but it is one of those movies that you’ll be very much on the fence about, it’s not brilliant, it’s not awful, its just very average.

Some Guy Who Kills People is seeing a limited cinema release in the UK from October. 

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