Monday, 24 September 2012

Scary Or Die (2012)

Scary Or Die is the latest in a string of anthology movies (like 3D this aspect is coming back into fashion) that tell five contrasting stories, some with loose connections. Unlike many of these offerings, Scary Or Die is the one that clearly has the least budget, and has somehow managed to get elevated to a more mainstream audience. 

The stories in this movie include a tale of Mexican people smuggling, and those that are offended by the influx of Mexican’s into America. A tale of vampirism, with an oriental spin. A dismembered body that refuses to stay dead. A drug dealer who is bitten by a clown called Fucko and begins to have a terrifying transformation. And a story of undying love, and what we might do to preserve it. All stories are linked by one thing, a man sat at a computer viewing the individual films on a social networking site for horror movies called Scary Or Die.

If you are of a certain age (30 up) you will remember in the early 1980’s The New Twilight Show, each 15-30 minute installment told a different tale of horror, Scary Or Die looks just like it was cut from the series, with a bit more gore and bad language thrown in.

This is a fairly plodding movie, one that has to be fair lost it’s space in time, had it have been made three decades ago, it would be fine. But in 2012 the viewer of horror movies has a much higher expectation level. Many of the stories are highly predictable, unless you are treading into the realms of horror for the first time that it.

Scary Or Die is not a bad movie, it’s just something that is well past its sell by date, it’s limited, and rather cheaply made (which is far too obvious). It’s stories are nothing new, well accept perhaps the clown story, but beyond that, you’re not going to find much here to keep you on the edge of your seat, let alone awake.

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