Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Raindance Starts Tomorrow

It's just twenty-one and a half hours until the 20th annual Raindance film festival begins in London.

Raindance shows the very best independent films from across the globe, this year screening 100 movies and over 150 shorts, from around 100 different countries. In the past Raindance has shown the special independent features up to a year before they were picked up by the box office giants.

Raindance was one of the first destinations for Pulp Fiction, and Memento.

Tomorrow opens with Here Comes The Devil from Adrian Garcia Bogliano the director of Cold Sweat, and Prenumbra. In Here Comes The Devil a couple of children disappear, only to return later with something different about at least one of them.

Views From The Edge will be at Raindance each day, and will report back on the movies we see.

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