Thursday, 27 September 2012

Raindance Kicks Off With A Bang

Last night Raindance kicked off with a bang! The opening movie Here Comes The Devil, is by far the best Mexican movie I've seen since the days of Rene Cardona Jr. It fills you with menace from the offset, and shows you like all the classic horror tales sex and death go hand in hand, but this was one screwed up depiction of sex and death.

I'll be posting my review of here comes the devil in a short time.

Today I'm hoping l be seeing the amBX world premier of Errors Of The Human Body, at the Moving Picture Company Screening Room. The amBX is a effects dream, with sounds, lights and effects such as heating and cooling.

Alternately i'll be catching something I decide at the time, and the film Vinyl tonight!

Each day i'll update you with whats been going on.

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