Friday, 28 September 2012

Raindance 2012 - Day 2 - Quality And Quantity

The second day (although some consider it the first) was a day of quality and quantity, unfortunately I could only attend three features but I picked incredibly wisely.

Sunset Strip was a highly addictive documentary that looked at the true stories behind the world's most famous stretch of road.

Familiar Ground was a movie I went to see without actually having any intention of seeing, I simply walked out of Sunset Strip looked at what was about to start and chose Familiar Ground at random. It just goes to show that going into a movie blind can be a blessing. This quirky French-Canadian movie was a compelling watch, with a retro-style feel about it.

Finally Vinyl was an expected and enjoyable comedy tale based loosely on the Mike Peters music fraud. I rather unexpectedly ended up sat with many of the cast including Perry Benson, Jamie Blackley, and some rather vocal individual called James who played the music producer in the movie.

Every movie I saw was great, and it proved a very enjoyable day at Raindance.

Today i'll be seeing Zero Killed, Janapar, and Loveless Zoritsa.

Raindance continues until 7th of October and you can still join in all the fun by clicking here!

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