Thursday, 13 September 2012

Raindance 2012: Bad Hair Friday AKA Vasaku jala reede

If ever a movie had a deceptive title, it was Bad Hair Friday, this whimsical sounding flick may have you conjuring up girlie images in your head, instead what you have is an awful lot of sex, some drug activity and rather a lot of dead bodies.

Known in its native country of Estonia as Vasaku jala reede, the story begins with three friends deciding to take a trip to the beach in order to take one’s mind off his estranged girlfriend. Over the course of the day, their tale becomes entangled in the activities of seven other parties, a day on the beach leads to a wild party, one night stands, mob activity, a chain of killing, loss of virginity, and a kidnapping. 

To define Bad Hair Day into any genre is a pretty much near impossible task, this meandering tale begins looking like an Estonian American Pie, but then it starts to get quite unpleasant. The story shimmies through pretty much every genre known to man bar science fiction, and even includes a moment of hysterical serenading, that results in the receiving participant vomiting violently in the kitchen sink.

The movie is very clearly meant to be a comedy primarily; however there is something a little lost in translation when it comes to the Estonian sense of humour meeting other cultures. While the humour is there, it’s not as funny, as the makers would like it to be, at least when it is translated into English. This being said, thankfully there is much more to the story than just the humour, it’s a very deep film with lots of activity to keep you very much latched on to the action.

Sex and violence feature strongly in the movie, and the movie proves the old adage that sex and death go hand in hand, because the movie starts with sex, and ends rather bloodily.

The interactions between the eight stories are very well thought out, in many ways the stories could not be any more different, so the point of intersection is all the more impressive. Some have simple brushes with each other, others get quite full on, and it’s these “marriages” that are the movies key strength.

The performances are very good, you clearly have characters you like and dislike from the offset. Some of the characters are almost comic book in their design, particularly when it comes to the depiction of the drug gang,  with ill fitting (or not fitting at all) clothes, and bizarre behavior.

Bad Hair Day may not be as hot on laughs as it thinks it is, but it’s an interestingly addictive piece, its full of passion, and is without a doubt a labour of love for the Adres Kopper, Arun Tamm, the directing team and Martin Algus (who also stars in the movie), Andres Poom, Birk Roheland, and Liisi Rohumae the writers. If you enjoyed the style of American movie Go then this will be right up your street. 

Bad Hair Friday is showing as part of the 2012 Raindance Film Festival (London) and is showing on the 5th & 7th of October. For more details click here

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