Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Premium Rush

Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a bike messenger working in New York City, one day he takes in an unusual package in, a package that it seems is important to Bobby Monday (Michael Shannon). The package contains seem innocent enough, but Monday is not prepared to let this package get away, even if it means some people get seriously hurt… Or worse. 

Premium Rush is a bit of an oddity in the current cinema market, its an action movie with a target base of pretty much the entire audience. Bad language, extreme scenes, blood, all are missing from the film, and there is even quite a lot of good humour to tighten the load. This being said Shannon’s character is every bit the bad guy, and between the corny lines (he delivers to add humour), there is some real threat from his character upon Levitt’s character.

Mitchell Amundsen’s brilliant photography, zipping around after bikes in rush hour traffic, and David Koepp’s smooth direction, make Premium Rush a highly enjoyable ninety-minute journey. 

Set in almost real-time, with several Matrix style flashback scenes, and comical thought processes, this is very much a movie that is all about the speed, and the power of doing the right things, at the right times to keep the momentum coming. There is so much squeezed into the movies relatively short running time, it’s amazing that they managed to fit everything in.

There are of course flaws in the delivery, so many things left unexplained, so many areas that are left unexplored, this is very much one of those movies that have you asking “why didn’t they do this?” Those that will pick up and take offense at these aspects, should ask themselves why they are watching movies, is escapism not part of the enjoyment?

The performances are great, Levitt shows even more depth to his talents, and is very clearly the guy on the bike in many of the more intense scenes. While Michael Shannon has the same unhinged look about him that he bought us in 2006’s Bug.

If you like to escape from reality, and need something a little light, and at the same time incredibly fresh, you’ll even find there is even a bit of time for a little romance, and some Chinese gangster activity, then Premium Rush will probably rock your boat. Expect this movie to generate a little cult activity too. 

Premium Rush is in UK cinemas on the 14th of September. 

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