Sunday, 16 September 2012

It's Nearly Time For A Little Raindance

Celebrating it's twentieth year, The Raindance Film Festival returns to London on the 26th of September, running until 7th of October.

The product of visionary "man in the know" Elliot Grove, Raindance shows a pick of the best Independent movies, Grove and his team have been able to get their hands on. In previous years Raindance has shown movies like Memento, and Pulp Fiction.

This year has a strong and varied selection of movies that includes Here Comes The Devil, Bad Hair Friday, Cinema Six, City Slacker, Hidden Hand, Kill Me, Luna Mesa, Sal and Trashed.

With over a hundred movies as part of the festival, representing an Olympic style number of countries, the £60 movie festival pass is an absolute bargain, and as an additional bonus many of the movies get multiple screenings, so you can catch up on some titles when there is a collision of time.

Last week I attended a Press Screening through Raindance, of Bad Hair Friday at London's swanky W hotel. And I have to tell you, it was a great little movie, read my review here.

I'll be around for pretty much the entire festival, so will be reporting daily on the events, and reviewing each and every movie here.

It's not just movies, there are also a number of workshops as part of the festival, but more on that tomorrow.

To find out more about Raindance click here.

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