Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Into The White AKA Cross Of Honour (2012)

During the Second World War, two planes shoot each other out of the sky over the Norwegian wilds. Having crashed miles apart, they independently find their way to an isolated cabin. But upon arrival they discover that they are on opposite sides, three are German, and two are English. Miles from anywhere, the two sides can either fight it out, or team up together to survive. 

Into The White is without a doubt, when of the best independent collaborations this reviewer has seen for some time. A joint project from Norwegian and Swedish filmmakers, and based on true events. Writer/Director Petter Naess (and of course screen writers Dave Mango, Ole Meldegaard), does an admirable job of making what could be a arduous task. The movie is entirely character driven, and based more or less entirely of conversations and negotiations between the two parties, with little or no action whatsoever; many filmmakers struggle to make a project quite so compelling.

The movie has some incredible performances, most notably from Florian Lukas who plays German Lieutenant Horst, it’s through his eyes that the German side is told, and in a fairly companionate way, he knows his job but does not really understand why he is doing it, a scenario we all know would have been likely of many German soldiers, despite the fact that we are led to believe they were all devoid of emotion. The English side is pretty much told through the eyes of Gunner Robert Smith played by Rupert Grint. His role of over the top Liverpudlian, who strikes up an expected friendship, is a heart warming one. 

Much is covered in the movie, the crash, finding shelter, losing supplies, and some much needed medical attention, by completely untrained individuals. Yet as mentioned earlier, it’s all about the conversations, the revelations, and the bonding of relationships.

Into The White or Cross Of Honour as it will be known in some countries, is one of those curious little movies that catches the viewer in a weird place, it makes you want to watch it again, but literally no sooner than you have finished watching it, how many movies make you want to do that?

The movie is mainly in English language, with subtitles for the German and Norwegian aspects. 

Cross Of Honour (UK Title) is in selected cinemas now, with a DVD release on 1st of October. 

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