Sunday, 30 September 2012

Interview With Mark Potts Director, Writer, and Star of Cinema Six

Cinema Six as a great new independent comedy currently showing as part of the Raindance Film Festival in London, which continues until October 10th 2012.

On the run up to the two screenings, Mark and I have had some contact via email, and I was able to throw him some questions. 

Spencer:  What is the connection/obsession with the Stanton Family? Where does this family come from, is it just an invention of your minds, or is there something you mirroring this against?

 Mark: The Stanton family has been with us for a while. Singletree's first feature was The Stanton Family Grave Robbery and it was about three sons digging up their recently-deceased father to take him back home to Oklahoma.  Cinema Six was our first "real" film and by that I mean we didn't fund it with a personal loan or student loans. It was a big production for us and we thought it'd be fun to call back to our first feature by naming the theatre after those characters.

Spencer:  How long did the movie take to make? What was your budget? How did you fund it?

Mark: It took 12.5 days and that half was a day of reshoots. We can't discuss our budget, but I wish we could because the film looks, sounds, and feels way, way more expensive than most people think. And that's thanks to our incredibly awesome crew.

We received funding from Reilly Smith and his friends and family. Reilly has been a friend of ours for a while and he believed in us and I am indebted to him, the other investors, and our crew forever. Seriously, those people made a dream come true.

Spencer:  What can you tell me us about the location you use for the cinema? Is it an actual cinema, is the cinema you depict for us in the movie somewhere you are familiar with?

Mark: I love this question! The hardest thing about making the film was finding a theatre. We wanted to shoot in Oklahoma because that is where Cole Selix and I are from. But, we just weren't finding a great theatre. We were also finding a theatre that still ran film, which was getting more rare. We wanted something older, something not flashy and based in a small town. Kelly Williams and Don Swaynos found a theatre in Lockhart, TX called Hometown Cinemas. They went, got some video, and Cole and I thought it was perfect. The owners and employees were very enthusiastic about it and they even helped with the production. It was just like the theatre Cole and I worked at in high school that we based the film off of.

Spencer:  How has the movie been received so far?

Mark: We've had a great reception so far. People seem to really connect with the sort of mature, coming-of-age story as well as enjoying the rather vulgar humor. We've played a number of great festivals and have been able to meet some awesome filmmakers and moviegoers. And I can't wait for the Raindance audience to see it. I wish I could be there. We did shoot a special Q&A that will be playing after the screenings.

Spencer:  What's next? And what can you tell us about Character?

Mark: We are hoping to get another feature going next year. We have a few ideas that we are trying to find funding for and they are really, really cool stories and all funny.

Character is a web series I have been working on with some friends. A number of us Okies migrated to Los Angeles and we're all working together to get stuff made and to get noticed. It's just a start and we're going to keep making more and trying our hardest.

If you want to find out more on Cinema Six please visit Singletree's website here!

On the site you will find a wealth of trailers for Cinema Six, as well as information on their work, but best still if you are in Europe the maker's films (pre-Cinema Six), these movies are completely unavailable in Europe and the UK, so you'll be one of the few people in your country to see these. 

Cinema Six is showing as part of the Raindance Film Festival in London, on Friday 5th and Sunday the 7th of October. Find out more about the festival here

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