Monday, 10 September 2012

Detention (2011)

Twenty-six years ago Ferris Buellers Day Off was released, it’s cutting edge style made the movie the favourite of a generation, similar movies followed in its style, Heather’s was dark but incredibly funny, Mean Girls took the filth level up a notch. Now Detention takes the pop-culture approach, and chucks a little horror into the mix.

Welcome To Grizzly Lake High School, a different kind of school in a different kind of town, Grizzly Lake is very much the end of the road, all roads in fact. As the school kids prepare for the release of the latest Cinderhella movie, and the end of term prom. But things are about to take a nasty turn, it seems that the fictitious killer from Cinderhella has come to life, and is taking a disliking to some of the more popular kids in the class. A series of deaths, a time travelling bear, and UFO’s take things down a much more quirky path, and there is still time for a Breakfast Club reference.

Detention is the ultimate audience divider, you’ll either love it, or you’ll hate it, but either way you’ll have some very strong opinions on it. This is not a movie that is going to set the world on fire, but it is a wacky and entirely enjoyable way to spend 90 minutes. It has something about it to appeal to most viewers, death, time travel, romance, and some pretty great comedy moments.

What is the cleverest aspect of Detention is that there is quite a lot of real intelligence in the piece, but its delivered in such a throw away manner, you could very well miss it, and excuse it for just simple pap. 

There are some great performances in the movie especially from Shanley Caswell, Josh Hutcherson, Alison Woods and rather unexpectedly Dane Cook who plays the principle.

The movie does feature some fairly fast visuals, lots of things happening in quick succession, text bouncing across the screen, and some sped up camerawork, all of which is normally paired up with the polar opposite action, on the big screen this does cause you to widen and relax your eyes, whether the effect is the same on the small screen remains to be seen.

Detention is different, very funny, and amazingly stupid, there is some gross out sex related references, yet there is much to think about at the same time. This is a movie that demands your full attention, but most importantly your attention FULL STOP! Give this film a try, you might like what you see

Detention is out now on DVD in the UK.

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