Sunday, 16 September 2012

Cinema Round-Up

As a new feature, it's time to have a look at what is currently at the cinema, and what is coming soon. Click the titles of the movies to read my review.

Premium Rush is BMX Bandits for a new generation, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a bicycle courier with an unusual package. Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee-Jones are having marital troubles in Hope Springs, can a councillor help their problems? Regan and Carter are back in The Sweeney, Ray Winstone and Ben Drew pick up the reigns to a popular TV series last seen 30 years ago. Moonshine get's the attention of a ruthless lawman in Lawless. And finally a little horror, when a girl buys a box at a yard sale she soon becomes the latest host for a monstrous demon in Possession

Opening This Week

The most amusing foreign language movie of all time (in my opinion) Untouchable is my highlight of the week, opening in cinemas on 21st of September, a paralysed man gets a new lease of life after employing a new carer. Dakota Fanning stars as a girl dying of cancer in Now Is Good. A give back scheme goes horribly wrong in Yorkshire when a group of outcasts fall foul of a community of killers in Inbred. A sniper picks off tenants on the top floor of an apartment building in Tower Block

You can read interviews on Lawless, Now Is Good, and The Sweeney by clicking the titles. 

Coming Soon

Here Comes The Devil (review here from 26th) 
Resident Evil: Retribution (review here this week)
Holy Motors (review here 18th)
Liberal Arts (review here on the 25th)
The Knot (review here on the 25th)
Frankenweenie (review here from 30th)

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