Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Always Nice To Be A Source... Just A Shame When It's...

www.viewsedge.com might only have been going for about 100 days, but already it's been used as a source for a National Newspaper, shame it was for the Star.

Our transcript posted yesterday from the The Sweeney Q&A, with the cast and director at the Savoy on the previous Monday, was used for the above article in today's Star.

You might wonder why we are so sure the quotes came from us, well it's down to the mishearing of two words. When writing up the transcript, I thought I heard two words, it later transpired I'd heard the wrong words.

Either way, it's nice to see you clock onto someones richter scale, so close to your time of inception.

To read the star article click here or the image above, be aware this is a watered down version of the interview.

To read the full article (entire interview), from our website click here.

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