Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Touch Of Cloth

DI Jack Cloth (John Hannah) is a cop on the edge; haunted by the death of his wife (Kate Fleetwood) some years earlier, he finds it difficult to cope. But life takes a turn when DC Anne Oldman (Suranne Jones), and a serial killer hits town, first taking out an old age pensioner, then a celebrity chef, what ties these killings?

A Touch Of Cloth is a amusing wake up call in the world of the British crime thriller, it’s stupidity must undoubtedly owe a nod of gratitude to the Police quad series and succeeding Naked Gun movies, yes A Touch Of Cloth is this sort of comedy. 

From the opening scene introducing Jones’ character Anne Oldman (pronounced An Old Man) you know exactly which way this comedy is going. Meanwhile Cloth’s superior officer ACC Tom Boss (Julian Rhind-Tutt) and Todd Carty (who plays himself) both use every opportunity to refer to Cloth in different comedic ways by ending the sentence with a word that fits the surname of Cloth (example washing up Cloth, face Cloth. polishing Cloth, and even ass Cloth).

This is not a subtle comedy show, while something is happening in the foreground, something is often occurring in the background, and this is the power of the show, not one single minute goes by where something amusing occurs, to ensure at least 45 smirks per show, is an absolute achievement.

The dialogue is often a bit near the knuckle, especially when Dr Natasha Sachet (Daisy Beaumont) comes into a scene, her overtly sexual jokes, and dripping pussy will cause tears to build in your eyes. While an incredibly graphic court appearance featuring Tom Boss, is wrong but incredibly funny on so many different levels. While Naked Gun will ultimately be the comparison piece for the show, this is in no way so innocent. 

The show is penned by Charlie Brooker who when not penning books, or his own show Screen Wipe, was also behind the zombie reality show spin on Big Brother, Dead Set. While the show is incredibly silly in places, it also bares a little bit of the Brooker sophistication with more subtle jokes.

A Touch Of Cloth compares in some ways to all the great detective shows from British television over the last two decades Messiah, Prime Suspect, Inspector Morse, and of course A Touch Of Frost are all given their own hat nods, by Brooker.

Currently the show is enjoying a run on Sky One (at the time of writing) in the UK, global audiences should be able to pick the show up in the near future. There are three stories (grouped into two), that run for six weeks, expect to see a second series next year.

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