Monday, 20 August 2012

Tony Scott - A Career In Trailers

With the tragic news at the loss of Tony Scott, yesterday it's time for a brief look at the trailers for some of the movies that made him one of the most successful directors of the modern age. 

The Hunger

The Hunger is one of the most unusual vampire movies of all time, telling the tale of a female vampire who has lived since the days of ancient Egypt. The movie captures (rather beautifully) a snapshot into her life with lovers John (David Bowie) and Sarah (Susan Sarandon. 

Top Gun

The movie that truly launched Tony Scott as a director, and made Tom Cruise a household name. 


Revenge was an epic in ever sense of the word, a story of friendship, trust, and a love story almost biblical in its size. Of all Tony Scott's movies, this is by far one my favourite. 

Days Of Thunder

Having taken Tom Cruise to the shies, Scott next took him behind the wheel on a race track. Cruise insisted that Nicole Kidman was cast in the movie having taken a shine to her in Dead Calm, the rest is history. 

True Romance

A popular trait in a Tony Scott movie, a heady story of love, with some all out action thrown in to boot. Penned by Quentin Tarentino, and featuring an all star cast, True Romance inspired a generation. 

Enemy Of The State

Is we became more dependant on technology, and the Internet Enemy Of The State reminded us that, luxury of information comes at a great cost. 

Man On Fire

Denzel Washington stars in this action packed blockbuster of a movie. A tale of revenge and sacrifice.


Based on the true life tale of Domino Harvey (daughter of acclaimed actor Laurence Harvey) Keira Knightley took the out of character leading role. The movie was criticised as much as it was praised, sadly the real life Domino died during the making of the film. 

Deja Vu

Deja Vu has an interesting fanbase, and like Domino was praised and hated equally, many found it confusing, some found it just amazing. 


The last completed movie before Tony Scott's death, Unstoppable was a box office success, and was Scott's most gripping tale since Man On Fire. 

In memory of Tony Scott

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