Wednesday, 22 August 2012

It's Frightfest Eve

For myself and at least another 1000 souls it's the day in the calendar that is as important as any birthday, or Christmas... It's Frightfest.

Frightfest is a horor/fantasy movie festival now celebrating it's 13th year. Each year London's Leicester Square becomes filled with bodies (living ones) in search of the dozens of movies that Frightfest organisers Alan Jones, Paul McEvoy, Ian Rattray, and Greg Day have lined up for them.

In between the dozens of movies, are guest appearances, celebrities sitting in the audience, freebies, and a feel good vibe you will be hard to get anywhere else. Anyone visiting the festival alone will soon find themselves in the company of some new, very good friends. Frightfest is not just a horror event, it's a way of life for the regular attendees. I'll be joined this year by some relatively new faces, and some I have seen several years in a row. Along the way we'll share some popcorn, have a few drinks, and maybe place a well thought out banana skin on a certain young ladies chair.

Above is Melissa George, just one of the hundreds of celebrity actors that appear at Frightfest, on previous years I have encountered Tony Todd, the late David Hess, Brian Cox, Martin Kemp, Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Andy Nyman, Simon Pegg, Noel Clark, Jim Sturgess. This year Sean Pertwee, Russell Tovey, Sheridan Smith, Harry Treadaway, Michelle Ryan are among the celebrity actors who will be guaranteed to appear. 

Above Tobe Hooper who appeared two years ago and participated in an interview with Total Film's Jamie Graham. Previous directors who have appeared include Larry Fessenden, John Landis, Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Guillermo Del Toro, Johannes Roberts, Tom Six, George Romero, and Federico Zampaglione to name but a few. This year Dario Argento will be the festivals guest of honour.

If you see any of the above motley crew, which consist of myself Spencer Hawken, Darren Atkinson, Alexander McNeil, Paul Ducker and in the second image the lovely Sarah Waldron; please feel free to abuse every one of them except me ;o)

If you have not booked tickets to individual movies at frightfest tickets are still available. The event starts tomorrow at 6pm and concludes around 11.30pm on Monday evening.

Enjoy the festival!

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