Monday, 27 August 2012

Frightfest 2012: Under The Bed

Earlier this year Steven C. Miller bought us The Aggression Scale, an action packed crime thriller, a little bit like Home Alone for adults. The movie was a winning formula for everyone who saw it, so his step into horror cinema was a much-anticipated feature at the 2012 Frightfest.

Neal (Jonny Weston) is returning to his family home for the first time in two years, when he last was there something horrific left his family destroyed, his mother dead, and him needing psychiatric help. It’s his love for his brother Paulie (Gattlin Griffith) is what is bringing him home, or Neal knows in his heart that the very thing that tore his world apart, will now be tearing Paulie’s apart. Unsurprisingly Paulie us indeed facing the same horror Neal faced, a terror so menacing that you just cannot get away from it, especially when this terrible thing lives under your bed. 

Under The Bed starts incredibly strongly, a real 80’s almost video-nasty style vibe about it, as the credits begin to roll we see a shadowy figure (we later discover to be Neal) stood in from a closed door, with mist and light seeping through the joins, the image is there for just a few seconds, but its long enough to burn into your brain. The following suspense, just adds to the fear you begin to feel, as the brother make the revelation that they have both experienced the same thing, and their new step-mom makes her own discovery in the garage while doing the washing.

It’s with a heavy hear that I have to say, that all the tremendous build up leads into something far less impressive, what you enter is an almost children’s TV style creature film. It had the power to be a sort of Gremlins for the next generation, or Critters perhaps, but it turned into something far less palatable.  This being said, it still manages to retain its 80’s charm, throughout.

Under The Bed is not a terrible movie, don’t get me wrong, it just starts as something, and sadly pales into something far more “standard”, far less impressive. This being said, I’m sure all involved did a far better job than I ever could. 

As the movie continues the story starts to feel a little strung out, you start focusing on all the wrong things such as why the homes are so sparse of possessions, why on earth the two leading kids where the same outfit for the movies entirety, sleep in their clothes and never at any point even look like they might consider changing Even a pretty grim ending massacre is not enough to swing this round, and by the time the police turn up in oh so typical “it’s too late” style, you have lost interest.

Take everything I say above with a pinch of salt, we are all different and all have our own opinions, while I was disappointed with Under The Bed, I kid you not it has the most impressive start up I have seen for some considerable time, an edge of the seat awakening to the horror that lies ahead, and even though the horror turns out (in my mind) to be nothing, the build up remains the constant image in my mind after the event.

Spencer Hawken @Views From The Edge

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