Thursday, 30 August 2012

Frightfest 2012: Paura 3D

When the Marchese (Peppe Servillo) goes away on a motoring weekend, three musicians stumble across the keys to his lavish villa in the remote Italian countryside.  Having arrived in the property, they drink his champagne, play his games consoles, eat his food, swim in his pool, and generally nose around. One of the men stumbles into the Marchese’ wine cellar, where is attention is drawn to noises behind a boarded up window. To his horror he discovers Sabrina (Francesca Cuttica) imprisoned against her will, often chained up. To the horror of the men, the Marchese unexpectedly returns home, and soon imprisons one of the men, the horror is about to begin.

Paura 3D is the latest movie by the Manetti brothers (Antonio and Marco), who wowed audiences with their movie The Arrival Of Wang last year. A dark and twisted thriller/torture porn adventure movie shot in 3D. The 3D aspect draws the movies first real criticism, the 3D is by far some of the best 3D that I have seen for some considerable time, and there is real dimension to each scene, as the movies opening credits roll the animation is amazing. The problem being is that you have to ask the question why 3D? In most 3D horror movies there is purpose to the technology, so is someone lashes out with a weapon, you feel as if its coming at you. When someone in the movie is impaled, the fork goes to the side, not out of the screen, so nothing comes at you, which seems kind of pointless.

Paura is in some ways a lengthy journey that moves at a viable speed, after a slow build up, things move quite fast, before slowing down again, and at times feeling a bit like a painful watch, because some aspects just feel too over endured. When something is going on, things are really good, but the big issue here is that it’s a cast of just five, so any fatalities need to be dragged out. 

Some criticize the movie because of a rather lengthy shaving scene around the mid section of the movie.  This shaving involves the pubic area of Sabrina, who is strung up naked in chains, the scene is dragged out in a lengthy manner, and obviously designed to be a talking point. It is without a doubt a talking point, and to be honest a fairly unnecessary aspect of the movie if only for the fact that it’s so unexplained. With the odd exception, there is no real sexual motive behind the act, or no overtly sexual reference.

Paura 3D is a movie to see, but in honesty it’s far too predictable, overlong, and many of the aspects have little thought to them; it simply lacks something to make it a landmark in film history, unlike the Manetti brothers other feature The Arrival Of Wang.

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