Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Frightfest 2012: Him Indoors

If you are not a big fan of short films, one received its world premier last evening that might just change your mind. At a fraction of just over ten minutes, Him Indoors was warmly greeted by the 1000+ strong audience at London’s Frightfest.

Gregory (Reece Shearsmith) suffers from acrophobia; this has its pitfalls when you are a serial killer. Last years toast of the festival Pollyanna McIntosh stars as Gregory’s next-door neighbor, a lonely widower looking for a cup of tea, or at the very least a shag. The story follows our killer as in the wake of the “dispatch” of his most recent visitor, the pizza delivery boy.

A fresh, witty, mix of both great humour, and brutality made Him Indoors a true crowd pleaser. Put together in the cheap, with crowd-funding, there is no real sign that this short was delivered on a budget, that being said there was nothing to contradict this view either, Him Indoors simply was what it was, a great short, with a well executed story, likeable characters, and a sick sense of humour.

This compelling little short, was apparently designed to prove its director Paul Davis can direct a feature; was one of the highlights at the final day of this years Frightfest. The biggest plus point you can give such a feature, is that everyone I spoke too wanted to see more of the character, alluring to the fact that it was definitely something that could be expanded into a full length feature.

A message to Paul Davis, we saw Beware The Moon, we’ve now seen Him Indoors, and we know your brilliant, now go make some movies!

Spencer Hawken @Views From The Edge

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